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Outstanding digitizing Of your logos

At Eminent Stitches : we know the significance of your embroidery designs and how special it is to you or your customer. you'll find an unbelievable range of patterns and motifs, all arranged by types and themes. The selection is constantly being expanded, making it a growing source of new inspirations. It is a unique identity and a true reflection of an organization. When embroidered, your logo should only look outstanding!
We make sure customer's privacy of designs and we always keep your information confidential.

At Eminent Stitches

  • We use only the most skilled staff for your embroidery designs.
  • We guarantee quality embroidery digitizing under creative guidance.
  • We employ the most advanced software that gives you more precision and more capabilities.
  • We assure low prices and customer satisfaction.
  • We offer quick turnaround time.
Working with us you can:
  • Be sure of receiving quality, efficient and well priced service.
  • Expect quick turnaround and satisfaction of work.

We maintain the highest standards in embroidery digitizing to give you optimal embroidery results, with efficiency, convenience and great pricing. Our ultimate goal is to provide excellent customer service and outstanding embroidery designs. Our experience and expertise ensures your marketing success for your target market.


  • $1 per 1,000 stitches
  • Min charge: $10
    For more then 50000, $ 0.7 per 1000 stitches.
  • Prices may vary on difficult logo embroidery/ appliqu├ęs/sequins.

The Key to 'Quality Digitizing for Embroidery'

Do the skills of an embroidery digitizer make a difference?

Yes, the skills and expertise of an embroidery digitizer do make a vast difference. Embroidered logos can be of very different quality depending upon the experience and skill of the embroidery digitizer.

Does the software for logo embroidery digitizing matter?

Yes, the latest logo embroidery digitizing software can make a big difference. New features come up all the time which provide for even more perfect embroidered logos and support for more digitizing embroidery machine file formats.